Police issue warning over electric bill scam

LEWISTOWN – The Lewistown Police Department is warning local residents and area businesses about a scam in which a person calls and threatens to shut off their electric unless they buy a pre-paid payment card.

On Monday a business in Lewistown received a phone call from a person stating they were from Penelec. The caller told the business that they owed over $1,000 for past bills for electricity and, if the money was not paid, the electric service would be cut off. The caller told the business to go and purchase a ‘Green Dot’ pre-paid card and call back with the access number. The business did this and later found out it was a scam.

The information on the caller conducting the calls originate in Utah but were re-routed from other countries.

To prevent this scam and other types of scams:

Call and verify with your electric company that you do owe money and use accepted payment methods.

Penelec has a toll free number for billing questions 800-962-4848

Know that scammers are using pre-paid ‘Green Dot’ cards for all types of scams and that is a “red flag” that you are about to be scammed.