Lost Creek Swine Club meets

The following are the minutes from a recent meeting of the Lost Creek Swine Club.

The Lost Creek Swine Club met on June 19 at 7 pm at Lee and Peggy Weaver’s farm.

President Tyler Hershey called the meeting to order and led us in the 4-H Pledge.

Our featured speaker for the evening was Robert E Mikesell, a senior instructor from Penn State University. He spoke to us about “Weight Control for Fair Pigs”. He gave us weighs by measuring girth and length to estimate the weight of your pig if you don’t have a scales. We also calculated that we have 39 days until weigh in’s, and pigs gain between 1.7 and 2.0 lbs. per day. This means our pig may gain 66-78 pounds from now until the fair. He asked us to check what our pigs weigh now. He also told us that most pigs need to eat 3 pounds of feed for them to gain one pound. We were asked to calculate how many pounds of feed we need to finish our pigs. We also discussed how to “speed up” our weight gain and how to “slow down” our weight gain. We were very pleased to have him as a speaker.

Demos for the evening included McKala Dressler on transporting your pig to the fair, Jace White and Wyatt Hancock on ear notches (with informative posters) and Patrick Fitzgerald and Tyler Hershey on fitting, clipping and washing your pig.

The 12-demos for next meeting are April Kessler and Keegan Strawser, Anna and Sarah Hershey, Jared and Kobe Benner, Megan Shoop, Chad Eberle, James and William Hazard, Phausten Houtz, Maysa Imes, Nora Mason, Anna Maci Noss, Taylor and Carly Orris and Morgan Strawser.

Molly, Maggie and Maribeth Arnold will complete our club’s “fair project” for their demo.

Shirts will be ordered for the new members at a cost of $5.

The 4-H Cost Recovery Insurance is $20 this year per member, this covers insurance at the fair and mandatory reporting training for leaders.

This fee is per member per year, and covers other clubs that you may be involved in, this will be collected at the June Meeting.

Peggy was pleased to announce that all members have completed their Quality Assurance Training.

Bring your books completed to the July meeting to be handed in to Peggy.

The next meeting will be July, 17 at 7 pm at Lee and Peggy Weaver’s.

Respectfully submitted, Sarah Hershey, Lost Creek Swine Club Secretary