Gallery to feature shots of local adopted families

LEWISTOWN -Bittersweet Studios, a photography studio located in downtown Lewistown, is hosting a gallery showing, this fall, featuring local families with adopted children. The show will be free and open to the public.

“I wanted to help bring awareness to the option of adoption,” said studio owner/photographer Julie Ufema.

“As an adoptee myself, raised in a time where adoption was often kept secret, it is my pleasure to capture and proudly share the images of these special families.”

The gallery showing will honor the families photographed, most of whom will be in attendance.

Ufema hopes that the showing will draw people interested in adoption and allow those who have adopted, or have been adopted, a chance to share their stories on a more personal level.

The shoots, at no expense to the families, are ongoing over the next month or two. Families who are interested in being photographed are encouraged to contact the studio at or call 247-7118.

For more information about Bittersweet Studios visit or visit the webpage