Deed transactions

The following are the deed transfers for the month of June in Juniata County.

John Z. Stump Jr. to Connie R. Risban and Gary T. Risban, $95,000, Milford Township.

Trustee Elizabeth J. Horst, Trustee Marlin R. Horst and Living Trust Elizabeth J. Horst to Lorraine L. Weaver and Mark S. Weaver, $45,000, Turbett Township.

Executor Elaine Z. Amey and Estate of Virginia Z. Zellers to Anthony C. Hill and Kristen K. Hill, $135,000, Delaware Township.

Harold Dean Miller and Ruth Anne Miller to Levi L. Fisher, $1, Tuscarora Township.

Timothy L. Phillips and Timothy Phillips to Michael R. Hayes and Tina K. Hayes, $15,000, Turbett Township.

Jesse W. Burkholder and Mary E. Burkholder to Ernest R. Beatty Jr. and Mary M. Beatty, $1, Delaware Township.

James N. Moyer, Barbara A. Moyer, Ronald D. Miller and Linda L. Miller to DS Realty LLC and DS Realty LLC, $1, Monroe Township.

Gregory L. Leach and Paula A. Leach to Gregory L. Leach, $1, Milford Township.

Timothy R. Keller to Drew A. Pellman and Jodi M. Pellman, $147,500, Delaware Township.

G. Byron Swartz, Joy K. Swartz and (AIF) Joy K. Swartz to David R. Sharp and Eleanor S. Sharp, $4,590, Monroe Township.

Karl R. Kline and Janie D. Kline to Charles R. Kline and Tammy J. Kline, $23,000, Lack Township.

Elza R. Kilby, Marie B. Kilby, Kenneth R. Rice, Vicki M. Rice, Executor Mark William Mentzer, Executor John Michael Mentzer and Estate of John J. Mentzer to Jeffrey D. Ritzman and Lisa M. Ritzman, $1, Lack Township.

Patricia L. Henry, Patricia H. Henry and (POA) Timothy S Manbeck to Bradley C. Landis and Linsey R. Dressler, $160,000, Walker Township.

Douglas L. Lindsey, Terry L. Lindsey and John Allen Lindsey to Life Estate of Douglas L. Lindsey and John Allen Lindsey, $1, Monroe Township.

Thomas Elliott and Melodi Elliott to Kenneth L. Kratzer and Shellie R. Dimm, $74,000, Thompsontown Borough.

Sylvia M. Mummah, (AIF) Beverly M. Reynolds and (POA) Beverly M. Reynolds to Tad R. Sieber and Erin Sieber, $120,000, Fermanagh Township.

Peoples Dairy Farm, Joseph L. Peoples, Crystal A. Peoples, E. Marlene Glass and Lee R. Glass to Juniata County and County of Juniata, $99,873.46, Fayette Township.

Executor David R. Stutts, Heir David R. Stutts, Estate of Lucien J. Stutts, Estate of Lucian J. Stutts, Estate of Lucian Jack Stutts and D. Diane Littleton to John Greg LLC, $55,000, Mifflintown Borough.

Executor Sondra D. Rojas, Executor Farley L. Ferguson, Estate of Maeetta J. Ferguson and Estate of Fred F. Ferguson to Cleo V. Troutman and Bradley A. Troutman, $1, Greenwood Township.

Kathy L. Leitzel and Kathy Leitzel to Mark David Delbaugh III, $23,000, Monroe Township.

Teri A. Kratz, Teri A. Geedy and Adam T. Geedy to Michael W. Harlow Jr., $153,250, Fermanagh Township.

Constance L. Byers, Lewis P. Byers, Ronald E. Lyter, Sue Lyter, Sue L. Lyter, Gerald M. Lyter, Betty J. Lyter, Sally A. Losch and Darryl V. Losch to Ronald E. Lyter and Sue Lyter, $1, Greenwood Township.

Donald L. Dell, Linda Dell, Marvin L. Eller, Morris L. Eller, Nadine Eller, (Member) Donald L. Dell, (Member) Marvin L. Eller and (Member) Morris L. Eller to Jamie E. Tome and Jeffrey L. Leiphart, $1,200, Turbett Township.

Lorrie A. Bolton, (FKA) Lorrie A. Ricewick, Brian Bolton, Patricia R. Ricewick and (AIF) Lorrie A. Bolton to Niman Properties Tyson LLC, $19,000, Mifflin Borough.

PH Glatfelter Company, Glatfelter Pulp Wood Company and Glatfelter Pul Wood Co. to Shane W. Fawver and Jean M. Fawver, $180,000, Susquehanna Township.

Kent D. Stroup and Christina A. Stroup to Ronald D. Swinehart and Bonnie S. Swinehart, $39,500, Susquehanna Township.

Samuel R. Ritzman and Sharon B. Ritzman to Lana B. Boyd, $1, Delaware Township.

Lana B. Boyd to Lana B. Boyd, $1, Delaware Township.

Moses A. Peacey and Mary G. Peachey to Henry Swarey and Emma Swarey, $124,500, Walker Township.

Randy L. Bernheisel, Executor Randy L. Bernheisel and Estate of Mary L. Bernheisel to Danny Ray Bernheisel, $1, Walker Township.

Sheriff H. Thomas Lyter and Calvin L. Osborne to JP Morgan Chase Bank and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $1, Turbett Township.

Sheriff H. Thomas Lyter and Steven R. Arentz to Juniata Valley Bank, $1, Tuscarora Township.

Sheriff H. Thomas Lyter and Steven R. Arentz to Juniata Valley Bank, $1, Tuscarora Township.

(AIF) Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association and (POA) Phelan Hallinan LLP to John A. Stephens and Brenda Piper Stephens, $64,900, Susquehanna Township.

Scott M. Troutman, Carolyn I. Matter and Patrick C. Matter to Scott M. Troutman, $1, Greenwood Township.

Scott M. Troutman, Carolyn I. Matter and Patrick C. Matter to Carolyn I. Matter and Patrick C. Matter, $1, Greenwood Township.

Timothy L. Phillips to Administrator Cheri M. Bogart, Mathew S. McCahan, Estate of Deanna A. McCahan and Estate of Dee McCahan McCahan, $1, Turbett Township.

Bessie J. Beverlin and (AIF) Shirley J. Imes to Cole R. Dysinger and Lyndsay R. Dysinger, $50,000, Beale Township.

CO-Executor Juniata Valley Bank Trust Department, Co-Executor Daniel F. Clark, Estate of Floence M. Graybill, Trustee Jody D. Graybill, Trust of Clair S. Graybill, Donald L. Graybill, (ATT-IN-Fact) Mary Jane Graybill and (ESQ Custodian) Andrew L. Winder to Camp Coble Inc., $69,000, Fayette Township.

Leslie Z. Long, Randy L. Long, Robert L. Brown, Virginia Brown, Carol B. Lennon, Daniel Lennon, David R. Brown, Sandra I. Brown, Noreen B. Thomas, Ralph C. Brown and Melissa Brown to Randy L. Long and Leslie Z. Long, $1, Walker Township.

John P. Fultz, Deborah A. Boyer and (FKA) Deborah A. Fultz to John P. Fultz, $1, Susquehanna Township.

John P. Fultz, Deborah A. Boyer and (FKA) Deborah A. Fultz to John P. Fultz, $1, Susquehanna Township.

Layton M. Jury to Ronald E. Jury and Sharlene Jury, $1, Fermanagh Township.

Sabrina Cooper, (FKA) Sabrina N A Spencer and Christopher Cooper to Wesley G. Klinger, $144, 330, Monroe Township.

Deed transactions

The following are deed transfers for the month of June in Mifflin County.

Jean L. Beaver to Andrew S. Kramm and Katelin I. Kramm, $129,900, Burnham Borough.

Barbara A. Adams, David H. Adams, David E. Adams to David E. Adams and David C. Adams, $1, Brown Township.

Stephen A. Shreffler, Stephen S. Shreffler and Karen E. Shreffler to Stephen A. Shreffler and Karen E. Shreffler, $1, Derry Township.

Joseph L. Aumiller and Cynthia J. Aumiller to Marc O. Kenawell and Denise J. Arnold, $104,000, Armagh Township.

Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation to Mark S. Elsesser and Debra K. Elsesser, $1, Derry Township.

James R. Snook to Kimbra Lee Kerstetter, $112,000, Armagh Township.

Libby J. Wray, Libby J. Richard and Justin L. Wray, $143,000, Burnham Borough.

Russel J. Ripka, Elizabeth A. Ripka to Robert K. Mater and Carol A. Mater, $82,500, Granville Township.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Bradley S. Finkenbiner, $63,500, Lewistown Borough.

Ronald Spearing and Phyllis Spearing to Jason E. Wolfgang and Stephanie M. Wolfgang, $16,000, Granville Township.

Janice E. Frankhouser to Justin L. Wray and Libby J. Wray, $190,000, Derry Township.

Elise B. Miller to OKB Enterprises Inc., $30,000, Lewistown Borough.

Rebecca A. Marshall and Sheriff Christopher S. Shade, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $1,500, Lewistown Borough.

Unique Inc. to PTM LP, $510,300, Brown Township.

Estate of Warren E. Bowersox Sr. and Estate of Warrin Edwin Bowersox Sr. to Rex Watson and Glenda S. Watson, $50,000, Lewistown Borough.

Nevin E. Shawver Jr. and Barbara Shawver to Larry S. Wagner and Tina M. Wagner, $1, Bratton Township.

Pradeep K. Shinde and Lalita Shinde to Joyce Parson, $125,000, Derry Township.

H. Donald Wolfe Jr., Sandi Wolfe, Dwight D. Wolfe M.D. and Jean V. Wolfe to Donald H. Wolfe Jr., Dwight D. Wolfe M.D. and Carrie A. Gussler, $1, Union Township.

Cindy L. Cutshall and Randy B. Cutshall to Robert G. Baker and Michele Dalton, $1, Lewistown Borough.

Bradley A. Cavanaugh and Tracy L. Cavanaugh to Troy A. Treaster, $73,000, Oliver Township.

Richard D. Mondelli and Katherine T. Mondelli to King Family Farms, $145,000, Wayne Township.

Dennis E. Scott and Patricia W. Scott to Michael L. Potter and Linda M. Potter, $32,500, Wayne Township.