Flurry of jokes between friends results in a book

LEWISTOWN – To say El McMeen’s new book is flaky would be an understatement.

“Two Snowflakes Walk Into a Bar” is a joke book comprised entirely of quips about snowflakes and their establishments of choice. The 40-page composition – that’s including the foreword by attorney and author Steve Baughman and a final note from McMeen himself – is a light-hearted compilation of jests McMeen fired at Baughman. McMeen was on a roll, getting reactions from belly laughs to groans, and he decided to collect them all and publish them.

The pair’s first book came to be in a similar fashion. “Objection! Overruled! (Or, Two Lawyers Have a Little ‘Chat’ about God and Hell),” is a compilation of more than 80 friendly but fiery emails on the subject. It was published early in 2013.

“One of the people who read our prior book, which was serious on a certain level but was also informal … picked up on the humor of it,” McMeen said. That reader gave a book called “Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar” to McMeen. The book integrated philosophy in jokes. McMeen said thinking about it now, that’s probably what set off the first snowflake joke.

“A snowflake walks into a bar, sits down and orders a patty melt,” the joke begins.

It was followed by another joke. And another, and another, until the jokes snowballed into an entire book in less than a week.

The book is divided into themed sections, including talents, vocations, family and music, to name a few.

“The formatting thing actually took more time than writing it,” he said.

Still, McMeen calls the new book nonsense that just happened to work.

“Some people try to make a morality thing out of these jokes,” he said, because of the nature of the first book. “I think that’s pushing it too much.”

McMeen said the joke book is for a different audience. It’s meant to be whimsical and taken with a grain of salt – or, a flake of snow.

“People read it and get happy and start writing snowflake jokes,” McMeen said. “It’s sort of a positive influence on a troubled world.”

McMeen grew up in Lewistown and now lives in Huntingdon. He is married with four grown children. In addition to writing, McMeen is a retired lawyer and an internationally-acclaimed acoustic guitarist.

“Two Snowflakes Walk Into a Bar” is published by Book Locker and is available on booklocker.com or on Amazon. It is being distributed to bookstores through Ingram Content Group as well.