A good read

LEWISTOWN – Members of Dave Webb’s fifth grade class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School have published a book entitled, “SHS Stories.”

Webb is a self-published author and said he wanted his students to feel the same satisfaction he got when he published his writings.

“I have self-published many books and I wanted my students to be able to experience the same excitement of publishing,” he said.

Webb said the idea of the book can be traced back to the middle of last year.

“I had the idea for this project in the middle of last year. I would start from the beginning of the year and use all (the students’) writing folders. They got to choose which bits of writing they wanted to keep in their folders that was the best,” he said.

Levi Gilbet, a member of Webb’s class, decided to do a non-fiction piece about the Transcontinental Railroad.

“I wrote about the First Transcontinental Railroad. It was a project we were doing and we had to write a paper about it. I chose this one because I really like railroads and it was about people who get across to get to different areas instead of walking or on horseback. It was a faster route,” he said.

Another member of the class, Alyssa Souders, also chose to write a non-fiction piece. Souders wrote about the Battle of Valley Forge which took place during the American Revolution.

“We were working on informative writing and I chose the Battle of Valley Forge because I think it’s interesting,” she said.

On Tuesday, family members were invited to a book launch in the school’s cafeteria and to listen to the students read their writing pieces from the book.

A copy of the book will be donated to Sacred Heart School’s library. Family members interested in a copy of the book can contact Webb at the school.