MCRPD accepts tentative pension agreement

YEAGERTOWN – The Mifflin County Regional Police Department Board of Directors tentatively agreed Thursday to accept Lewistown Borough Council’s offer of payment of pension plans owed to the department.

The agreement, if ratified, would bring an end to nearly four years of contention since the council voted in 2010 to replace MCRPD with its own borough police department.

The board received a letter Thursday from the Lewistown Borough Council expressing its willingness to pay MCRPD for unpaid pensions from when the police department provided service to the borough.

Discussion on the letter focused on a section dealing with the requirement of signatures for all involved. Chairman John McCullough said the letter stated all of the individual township supervisors or borough council members from each municiapality MCRPD serves will have to sign the letter for it to be authorized.

Each member of the MCRPD Board of Directors has to sign as well, McCullough said.

“This will not be resolved tonight, or tomorrow,” McCullough said. “I should be talking with the president of Lewistown Borough Council Russ Rager, and then we can move forward with getting the signatures.”

McCullough said the board will sign the document at its next meeting on May 8, provided that Lewistown Borough Council approves an exact figure to be offered before then. After the board signs the document, the 90-day period the borough council requested to pay the amount will begin.

McCullough stressed this is all tentative, pending his conversation with Rager. When asked to disclose the amount of the payment, McCullough said disclosure will not happen until after the agreement is officially reached and the townships start the process of signing the document.

During a special meeting of the Lewistown Borough Council meeting Wednesday night, the council voted to send a letter to the MCRPD Board of Directors regarding the payment of pension plans. The said the offer will be made through a written letter, in which the council requested a 90-day period to pay the agreed-upon amount.

MCRPD had provided police service to Lewistown Borough until the borough council voted in the summer of 2010 to end the borough’s relationship with MCRPD and to form its own police department that went into service on Jan. 1, 2011.

The MCRPD Board of Directors regularly meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the MCRPD building in Yeagertown.