Flush away cancer

LEWISTOWN – If Peter Piper could pick a peck of pickled peppers, perhaps people would pay for purple potty placement. Or removal. Or both.

The Cajun Cuties, a Relay For Life team started by Kelly Dobson in honor of her mother, are circulating a purple potty to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The team is now lead by Shannon Keller, of Dry Valley, and Amanda Teck, of Burnham.

Team member Lisa Davids said the Cajun Cuties is a friends and family team that got its name because Dobson and her mother were from Louisiana.

The potty made its debut Monday at Stone Arch Real Estate

in Lewistown.

In order to have the toilet removed, the homeowner or business must pay $20. For $10 more, the commode can be sent to another yard through the “Flush a Friend” program. An additional $20 buys potty insurance, which guarantees it will not be returned to the property – this year.

Anyone who gets the toilet and does not wish to participate can simply do nothing, and someone will pick up the potty within two days.

Kim Rickert, Stone Arch’s broker and Relay For Life chairwoman, opted to have the potty relocated, but Keller declined to give information on where it was going.

“That’s part of the fun,” Keller said.

“Our team is so excited about it,” Davids said.

The idea came from another team elsewhere in the world.

“Shannon had pinned it on Pinterest and I said, ‘Hey, we should do this!'” Davids said.

“We thought it was an inexpensive way to donate … and you’d be giving money toward something that would be fun to do,” Keller said.

They got a potty, had it painted and stickered and the rest unrolled like toilet paper heading downhill.

The team is also running Cans for a Cure. From now until June 7, metal recyclables can be taken to Pheasant Valley Recycling in Alfarata and the money will be given to the Cajun Cuties.

Relay For Life is an overnight fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. The 2014 Mifflin-Juniata Relay For Life will be held June 14 and 15 at Kish Park in Derry Township.