Burnham balks at joining new county rec group

BURNHAM – During its regular Monday meeting, Burnham Borough Council decided to not join the new Mifflin County Recreational Board playground group.

This new group would regionalize the playgrounds in Mifflin County to a total of three. The council said it does not wish to be a member of this new group because the playgrounds will then be used as a day-camp for kids and families will be charged about $25 per child they sign-up. All of the members of council said they believe the grounds should be free to use with all residents being able to enjoy the playground. The council and borough secretary Lisa Jyl Hayes said with the United Way being involved with this new group, the $1,000 typically given to help maintain the park may not be there next year.

“The funding will be there this year because I am helping organize the list of parks for the United Way,” Hayes said. “But I am thinking that starting next, if not a member of this group, the funds will not come.”

Councilman Thomas Garver said other groups are already stepping up to potentially contribute to the funds of the park. The council agreed with Garver saying it believes the community would rather see the park stay free to use.

During the meeting, the council also heard the road maintenance report from Supervisor Noah Wise. Wise told the council that starting in 2016, the bridge on West Freedom Avenue near Standard Steel that spans Kish Creek will be closed and repaired.

“The bridge is very narrow,” Wise said. “It is difficult with the large trucks coming through, because the axles are tearing it up and two cannot pass each other.”

Wise said the bridge will be refurbished to be flatter and wider. He also said while the bridge is closed, traffic will be diverted to a temporary bridge structure planned to be installed next to the current bridge.

Burnham Borough Council regularly meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the borough hall on First Avenue.