2 municipalities vote to accept MCRPD plan

YEAGERTOWN – The municipalities served by the Mifflin County Regional Police Department held meetings Monday night to discuss a potential settlement agreement on the payment of pension plans for the department by the Lewistown Borough.

Monday night, during a regularly scheduled meeting of the Derry Township Board of Supervisors and a special meeting of the Burnham Borough Council, both governing bodies voted unanimously to settle the terms set forth by the borough of Lewistown for the payment of pension plans from when the borough left the department. Jeff Snook, solicitor for both Derry and Burnham, explained the terms of the agreement.

“What you are signing is authorizing MCRPD to enter into this settlement,” Snook said. “Now this is going to be based on all of the municipalities signing as well.”

The Lewistown Borough Council wrote a letter stating they would pay $440,000 to MCRPD in a lump sum of money within a 90-day period. Burnham Borough Council President Bob Soccio said the deal includes some breaks for the borough of Lewistown.

“Most of the breaks are in the interest that should also have been paid,” Soccio said. “In the interest of settling out of court, this figure will last for 15 years.”

During a special meeting of the Lewistown Borough Council meeting April 9, the council voted to send a letter to the MCRPD Board of Directors regarding the payment of pension plans. In the letter the council asked for 90 days to pay the amount. MCRPD had provided police service to Lewistown Borough until the borough council voted in the summer of 2010 to end the borough’s relationship with MCRPD and to form its own police department that went into service on Jan. 1, 2011.

MCRPD currently serves the municipalities of Derry, Brown and Union townships, Burnham Borough and Mifflin County School District properties not within Lewistown Borough. The department is responsible for patrolling more than 260 square miles within these municipalities and provides police services to more than 22,000 residents.

Representatives of the boards of supervisors of Brown and Union townships were not able to be reached to comment on whether the agreement was accepted at their regular Monday meetings.

All townships served by MCRPD must accept the agreement before it can be brought to a vote by the MCRPD Board of Directors, which will will hold a special meeting on Thursday regarding the agreement.

Once the agreement is approved by the MCRPD Board of Directors, the 90-day repayment period for Lewistown Borough will begin immediately.