Supervisors discuss new home for Derry Township

YEAGERTOWN – Discussions of the Army Reserve Center took center stage at the Derry Township Supervisors meeting Monday night.

The Army Corps of Engineers told the township the building should be conveyed to its ownership by October. The original goal of the supervisors was to be moved into the new building by that time, however unless some of the process to update the building is done now, that seems very unlikely. Chairman John McCullough said he would like to begin testing some of the systems now to help move this process along.

“I am concerned about knowing what could happen down the road and providing a footprint as to what the condition of everything is there,” McCullough said. “At some point we need to know what is wrong.”

McCullough said one of the ways to do this is to turn on the systems such as water and gas to determine what may need to be fixed. To do this the systems need to be on and operating, which is harder to do during the winter. Vice-Chairman Ron Napikoski was concerned about the potential cost to bring someone in and look at these systems. Napikoski said while the township has a written right of entry to check these systems, if a problem occurs after the systems are on, who would incur that cost. McCullough said he understood what Napikoski was saying but he believed that knowing what was awaiting them would help to put a possible cost on the changes down the road.

“The money is not there yet anyway to start any type of project,” Napikoski said. “I think we need to understand the cost of even having the stuff evaluated before making a decision.”

After the discussion the supervisors voted two to one, in favor of testing the systems. Napikoski voted against it, but McCullough and Supervisor Donald Warntz decided to get some ideas of cost prior to sending anyone there for the testing.

John Keeler, Kish Bank Commercial Relationship Officer, was at the meeting to discuss the funding of the renovations to the building. Keeler said the bank would like to provide the funds through a loan to help the township facilitate the project. The supervisors agreed it would be a good idea, and asked that Keeler create a proposal mapping out the options for the township.

The supervisors also discussed the purchase of new computers for the municipal building. Township Manager Kelly Shutes told the supervisors that she had gotten a quote from Knouse and believes their cost of $4,479 for three computers is the best deal.

“I did research,” Shutes said. “It does not seem like any other outstanding offers are out there from other groups.”

The supervisors voted to allow Shutes to purchase the computers and to make any necessary changes within the budget.

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors meet at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Monday of each month at the municipal building.