School scheduling bill moves to Pa. Senate

From staff reports

HARRISBURG – A bill to assist schools in making up for missed time due to weather emergencies has moved to the Senate for consideration.

According to a press release issued by Ashley Albert, community liaison for state Sen. Jake Corman, Senate Bill 1281 was unanimously approved by the Senate Education Committee. The legislation would give schools the discretion to calculate the school year on an hourly, rather than daily basis, and permits schools to hold class one Saturday per month as needed.

“Over the course of this difficult winter, I have heard from schools across my district that additional flexibility will allow them to more effectively deal with scheduling issues caused by the inclement weather,” Corman said in the release. “While we cannot control the weather that occurred,

we can provide school officials with the flexibility

to meet the state’s instructional requirement.”

The bill presented for consideration applies only to the 2013-2014 school year and mirrors legislation approved in 1996 in response to flooding in the northwestern part of the state.