Reedsville Fire Co.'s roof collapses

REEDSVILLE – The roof of the Reedsville Fire Company engine room collapsed Monday afternoon, while crews were getting ready to leave for a fire.

After being called to the fire on 50 Scent Lane, Milroy, the department called into Mifflin County Communications at 4:35 p.m., saying they were out of service.

Company Lt. Matt Yohn said he believed the compartment door hit a support, which caused the damage.

“The engine had just pulled out and the compartment door was down,” Yohn said. “We believe that when the engine went over the grate in front of the door, the compartment door came up and hit the front beam, which caused the ripple effect of the whole collapse.”

He continued to say the compartment door is spring-loaded and when the front beam collapsed ,the center beam for the structure also collapsed at the middle. The engine and tanker were leaving for the fire and the engine had already been out of the building at the time of the collapse. Inside was the driver of the tanker truck, who after feeling the shaking was able to leave the tanker and the building without sustaining any injuries.

The company was able to get an insurance agent to the scene quickly, but the extent and ultimate cost of the damage has not yet been determined. Yohn said an insurance adjuster will be out today to help determine the cost of the damage to both the building at the rescue and tanker trucks. He did say some minor damage was done to the engine, but should be able to be repaired easily and the brush engine sustained no damage, due to being housed in another area.

Yohn also said that he believes this has no effect on the plans of moving the firehouse to the new location next to the Brown Township Municipal Building. He said plans and permits are still being worked on, and the process will not be moved up because of this accident.

For the time being, only the tanker and rescue are out of service from the company. Yohn said until the adjuster comes and assesses the damage, the length of time for those to be out of service can not be determined.