Committee to Burnham Borough Council: 2014 Jamboree canceled

BURNHAM – The Burnham Jamboree Committee was in attendance at the Monday night Burnham Borough Council meeting, to discuss the cancellation of the annual Jamboree.

Denny Clark was the spokesperson for the committee and stressed the idea that the committee does not want to cancel the event permanently.

“Our usual ride contractor has signed on at another location this year,” Clark said. “An appropriate ride contractor has not been negotiated yet.”

Clark said it is hard to believe that this happened since the Jamboree is the weekend of Memorial Day each year, but they wanted to ask the council to keep the spot maintained for the future. Jeff Snook, borough solicitor, read the original lease agreement from 1980, which states the lease will continue until either party officially terminates the lease via a written letter. The committee said this is not the case and said they will maintain the property during the time the event would take place. Clark also said the committee would like to have some sort of an event during that weekend, but nothing has been determined yet.

“Some of the ideas thrown around are a one-day event like a pig roast or raffle, but we have not decided on anything yet,” Clark said.

The Jamboree is an event that benefits both the Burnham Fire Company and the Burnham Lions. The committee said these groups then, typically, put these funds back into the community through other events.

Also discussed at the meeting:

Due to rising costs to maintain the community pool in Burnham pool, prices will increase this year

The Burnham Borough Council meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Burnham Borough Building.