Police, fire chiefs give good reports to Lewistown Borough Council

LEWISTOWN – The Lewistown Borough Council heard positive reports from the chief of police and the interim fire chief during the Monday evening council meeting.

Bob Barlett, interim fire chief, said in the month of January there were no active working fires in the borough limits. He also said that fire inspections have not happened in the last 15 years.

“I have been working with Rex Fink, the code enforcement officer, on how we can start doing this again,” Barlett said. “We are going to start setting up training for the crews so they know how to handle those situations.”

Barlett said these trainings will help to increase the awareness of the crew as well as those who need the inspection. He said the crews will learn how to interact better with the people and vice versa.

William Herkert, Lewistown Police Department chief, said the grant money provided by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is starting to be put to use.

“We have already made up the posters to start hanging up, to promote the negatives of underage drinking,” Herkert said. “Two of the billboards in the county will also have this design on it.”

He added that this is just the first of three phases that this grant helps to fund. He said the next phase will be sending officers undercover to stop those underage from both buying and drinking alcohol. Herkert reminded the council the grant is for the whole county and this will become a countywide effort.

The council also heard some changes to the Mann Edge II subdivision plan. Solicitor Jeffrey Snook explained the waivers the builders were looking for before this project can get underway. The waivers are all based on the the building plan being submitted, which is currently only in the subdivision phase. The council adopted all of the waivers presented to them, as well as approving the subdivision plan itself. It was also approved to help Mann Edge II with a sewer credit to help the process get started. When this was put to a vote Council member Larry Searer cast the only no vote to this commitment.

Council also discussed:

Adopted the 2014 budget after a reallocation of money without raising taxes, again Searer cast the only no vote

The Personnel Committee is re-writing the human resource polices, which has not been done since the late 1990s

Approved five change orders and payment requests regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant project

Adopted the Annual Tax Collection Resolution

Approved the Street Excavation Regulations and Specifications resolution

Approved the amendment to the Cost and Fee Schedule resolution, Searer cast the only no vote here

Approved facility use requests for the Mifflin County Tomahawks, Mifflin County Pony League, Kid Connection, and Megan Snook events

Approved the sewer exoneration request for 111 Grand Parkway North

Changed committee assignments for the Finance Committee with new council member Brian Schell, taking the vacant spot on the committee

The Lewistown Borough Council meets at 5:30 p.m. the first Monday of each month at the borough hall. The next meeting will be on Mar. 3.