DLI awaiting Keystone Communities designation

LEWISTOWN – Downtown Lewistown Inc. is one step closer to achieving a Keystone Communities designation.

The board recently submitted their application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

The Keystone Communities program is similar to previous revitilatization programs DLI has received funding from, such as the Elm Street and Main Street programs. Keystone Communities designation would allow DLI to help with revitilazation efforts to restore deteriorated buildings, residential neighborhoods and industrial or manufacturing sites.

Jim Zubler, Executive Director of DLI, said he hopes to receive Keystone Communities designation before the start of the next fiscal year, so they can get in on the ground floor of this new program.

Zubler said Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed budget has basically the same amount of funding for Keystone Communities as it did last year.

Zubler said there are several municipalities that are partnering with DLI, including Derry and Granville townships, Lewistown Borough and the county, in addition to other partners in business and industry. The Keystone Communities program encourages community partnerships and Zubler said he continues to reach out to other municipalities that may be interested in the program.

One of the future projects DLI will be a partner on is the proposed development of Mann Edge II, on the corner of Dorcas and Water streets. The Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation is spearheading the effort to develop the site into another apartment complex.

Zubler said other topics of discussion among the board include fundraising efforts for the fountain to be placed at the Five Points park. Base improvements and other amenities to support the fountain were completed last year.

Zubler said the board also commended the county efforts on the planning and development of the streetscape project along Market Street.