Commissioners: Mifflin County to appoint ADA compliance officer

LEWISTOWN – During a brief workshop meeting on Thursday, the Mifflin County Commissioners announced they will vote next week on a resolution to appoint a Section 504 compliance officer to make sure all county-owned buildings and facilities are in compliance with the Americans With Disability Act.

James Lettiere, community development administrator, said a resolution appointing Douglas Marks, housing rehabilitation specialist, as compliance officer, is a federal requirement through the Housing and Rehabilitation Act to ensure a compliance officer is in place to handle any potential complaints with regard to handicapped accessibility to county-owned structures. “This is to show that we don’t discriminate on the basis of handicaps,” Lettiere noted. “He will be available to meet with groups representing handicapped individuals. We don’t anticipate any complaints but we are required to have this position in place.”

Also on Thursday, the commissioners noted they will vote on additional funding required for a completed paving and stormwater improvement project in Armagh Township that cost more than original estimates, which were received in 2011.

Lucas Parks, an engineer with the EADS Group, said his organization received an application for payment from Eastern Industries, the company that did the work, and noted the grant funding available for the project is $6,915 short. “We believe we will be able to come up with the funding source through Community Development Block Grant funds and county money,” he said. “We plan to put in a request for 90 percent payment with Eastern Industries until we can procure the rest of the funding, which we anticipate will be in place by next week’s meeting.”

Also on the agenda for the commissioners’ Feb. 27 voting meeting is a request for a real estate tax refund in the amount of $62.14 for a parcel in Granville Township where a mobile home was removed.