New Mifflin, Juniata county officials take office

MIFFLINTOWN – Juniata County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kenneth A. Mummah presided over three swearing-in ceremonies in three separate counties on Monday.

Mummah began his day at the Juniata County Court of Common Pleas where he swore in Magisterial District Judge Barb Lyter, Juniata County Treasurer Sandra F. King and Juniata County Register and Recorder, Alicia A. Seigler. Juniata County Sheriff Thomas Lyter was sworn in last week and was not present for the ceremony on Monday.

King and Seigler thanked their staff and supporters.

“(This is) The first time I have had the pleasure of doing this in Juniata County,” Mummah said.

A short time later, Mummah presided over a swearing-in ceremony at the Historic Courthouse in Lewistown.

Prior to swearing in Dave Barron as the new president judge for the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas, Mummah congratulated the elected officials.

Mummah said Barron is a “hardworking down-to-earth attorney” with wide legal experience.

Mummah asked the audience if anyone would like to tell a story about Barron, cautioning them that it would be the last time they could get away with that without being held in contempt of court.

Barron said he was honored to have the opportunity to serve Mifflin County and thanked his family, friends and supporters.

“Every new year brings new challenges change is inevitable and makes our county strong,” Barron said.

Barron’s first official act as president judge came mere moments after he was sworn into office. Barron swore in Mifflin County Treasurer Deb Civitts, Mifflin County Register and Recorder Barbara A. Stringer, Lewistown Borough Tax Collector Erin Laub Anewalt, Lewistown Mayor Deb Bargo and Wayne Township Auditor Judith A. Sunderland.

All of the officials thanked their families and supporters for giving them the opportunity to serve the community.

Mummah’s third and final stop that day would bring him to Perry County, to preside over another swearing-in ceremony.