Mid-State Arts Alive group explores various media

BELLEVILLE – Season Hain was looking for an arts group that she could be a part of, seeking a way to show people her work.

“What I’m trying to do is appeal to local artists who are working in their kitchen, dreaming of ways to reach an audience,” she said.

Hain started the Mid-State Arts Alive Group this past fall, after spending the previous summer posting flyers around town.

“After posting flyers over the summer months, I received emails from a few interested area artists,” she said.

Hain said she started the group because she wants to include artists from all mediums.

“I would like to give voice to all artistic mediums. No one is excluded. I am a writer and an artist. I’d like to have a place where I can read my work aloud and get feedback,” she said.

Hain said sometimes artists can’t afford the fees that are associated with structured art associations.

” I find that structured art associations are too exclusive and expensive. There are no fees associated with the meetings, no monthly or yearly dues,” she said.

The group of six met twice last fall and tried formulating ideas. Hain rented a temporary space in November and early December and held an art project, “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

“It garnered a few entries. All monies from sold entries went to the artist,” she said.

Hain said the group needs more people in order to have a temporary space to showcase their work.

“We need to find exhibit opportunities and for that we need members so that we can all network,” she said.

Hain said she hopes to find someone out there who owns a space and is willing to help the group find a permanent space.

“Perhaps there is a business owner out there, somewhere, who needs artwork on the walls or would rent a space for a modest rent where all members could hang or display their offerings, then, we’d have a clubhouse and retail outlet,” she said.

Hain’s interest in art came from her work at a flower shop.

“I was a florist, weddings and soirees exclusively, which involved a lot of imagination, original ideas and an artsy approach and attitude,” she said.

Eventually, her interest in art overtook her interest in flowers.

“At my flower shop, I used one of my consultation rooms as a showroom of sorts. I furnished it as though it were a first apartment for a newly married couple. It featured various pieces I created which led to branching out and creating many forms of artistic offerings,” she said.

For now, Hain wants to see her group expand.

“I’d like to see networking opportunities, shows, openings, special events, just a thriving, living breathing association. That’s why I call the group Mid-State Arts Alive,” she said.

For more information about the Mid-State Arts Alive group, submit an email to pinkcrowart@aol.com.