Mifflin County Regional Police chief gives positive report on incidents

YEAGERTOWN – Mifflin County Regional Police Department Chief Scott Mauery gave a positive report Thursday during a meeting of the MCRPD Board of Directors.

Mauery stated the number of incidents for the month of November were right on par with past years. He also said he had looked at the number of incidents total to those of last year.

“Doing a preliminary look at the total incidents from this year, we seem to be 12 percent less than last year,” Mauery said. “This percent is speculative, with just a glance at the numbers.”

Mauery continued to say the equipment is running well and everything looks good. He said the vehicles are in relatively good condition, but are starting to show their age in terms of mileage.

“Our (officers) are really good about letting us know when there is a problem,” Mauery said. “We get that car into service as quickly as possible and get it back onto the road.”

All of the officers in the department have also completed their yearly departmental qualifications. Mauery said they would like to spread these qualification sessions throughout the year instead of all at once. This would split the officers up into sections to complete the qualification process.

The MCRPD Board of Directors regularly meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the MCRPD building in Yeagertown.