Wednesday’s Sentinel to have tons of deals

LEWISTOWN – Before the turkey is even on the table, the area will begin looking at the holiday shopping season and all the local deals can be found in Wednesday morning’s Sentinel.

“We have seen that looking at Thanksgiving edition of The Sentinel is a holiday tradition for thousands of families in the Juniata Valley,” said Publisher Ruth Eddy.

With so many deals to be found on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Eddy said the Wednesday edition is the largest one of the year.

“The best way to be guaranteed a copy of the Thanksgiving edition is to be a home subscriber, but, if not, look for it at your favorite retail location,” Eddy said. “Even though this is the largest edition, we have not raised our newsstand price from last year of $1.25 per copy.

“With so many local shoppers picking up the newspaper and planning their entire shopping experience based upon what they find in The Sentinel, we are pleased to be a part of that family tradition,” Eddy said.

To become a home subscriber with guaranteed delivery of Wednesday’s Sentinel, call 248-6741 or (800) 827-6397 from 8 until 11 a.m. today or from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday and ask for the circulation department.