Mifflin County Commissioners raise epilepsy awareness with proclimation

LEWISTOWN – Noting that epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder among adults in the United States behind Alzheimer’s disease and stroke, the Mifflin County Commissioners on Thursday adopted a proclamation designating November as “National Epilepsy Awareness Month.”

Commissioner Mark Sunderland, reading from the proclamation, noted, “Epilepsy is a neurological condition characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures that affect three million people across the United States, including many children and adults in Pennsylvania. While epilepsy cannot currently be cured, many of those diagnosed with epilepsy can control their seizures with modern medicine and surgical techniques.”

The proclamation noted that people with epilepsy continue to face social stigmatization and discrimination.

“National Epilepsy Awareness Month is designed to increase the awareness of the disorder in an effort to encourage more Americans to understand the effects of epilepsy. We encourage all citizens to learn more about the symptoms and treatment of seizures to better understand epilepsy, and the many individuals, families and communities epilepsy impacts,” Sunderland said.

On hand to accept the proclamation were two representatives of the Epilepsy Foundation of Western-Central Pennsylvania: Justin Hess, parent facilitator; and Laura Stufft, community educator and events coordinator.

In other business Thursday, the commissioners:

Held a brief public hearing in which the Mifflin County Human Services 2013-14 plan was reviewed. Allison Fisher, director of human services, presented budget numbers for the human services department, Children & Youth, Drug and Alcohol and mental health services and said those numbers are available for public review through the county chief clerk’s office or her office through 4 p.m. Friday. Following the hearing, the commissioners approved the plan.

Approved an agreement with Tyler Technologies to upgrade the county’s MUNIS accounting software at a cost of $1,700.

Approved the annual Justice Information Network criminal history agency access agreement.

Approved a request from Granville Township to modify its 2011 Liquid Fuels allocation from an original request for line painting and changing it to the purchase of a flail mower. The $9,330.84 allocation remains the same.

Re-appointed Michael Krentzman of Lewistown to a five-year term on the SEDA-COG Joint Authority.

Approved a product and services agreement with Century Link for continued software support and maintenance on portions of the county’s 911 telephone system in the amount of $17,755.32 to be paid in monthly installments out of the 911 fund.

Accepted the resignation of David Barron as assistant district attorney effective Nov. 30.

Announced that next week’s regular workshop meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 27 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.