MCCA students sing their way to?Harrisburg

McCLURE – It’s going to be tiring, but it will be worth it.

In other words, students at Mifflin County Christian Academy described their upcoming choral performance as a good experience that will be worth many hours spent in rehearsal.

Five students from the school have been invited to perform in the Keystone Christian Education Association 2013 All-State Choir. Concerts will be held at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. today in the Capitol’s main rotunda in Harrisburg.

The students participating this year, Jonathon God Jr., tenor; Brad Smith, tenor; Alaina Brown, alto; Krista Groff, soprano; and Julee Hoffman, soprano, auditioned for their positions earlier this fall, said MCCA music director Terry Newcomer.

Though school choir is a required part of the curriculum at MCCA, Newcomer said earning a position within the All-State Choir is a unique accomplishment. In the midst of academics and extracurricular sports, he said students must remain committed to the music program early in the year.

To audition for the performance, students learned parts of five songs included in the choir’s repertoire. The school recorded their rehearsals and sent the tapes to KCEA for review.

This year, God, Smith, Brown, Groff and Hoffman will join about 116 other Christian school students to make up the choir, Newcomer said.

He and the students left Thursday afternoon for Harrisburg and planned to spend most of the evening and all day Friday rehearsing for Saturday’s concerts.

The 2013 choir repertoire includes a variety of songs, Newcomer said, from hymns and spirituals to Latin music and an African folk song. According to KCEA’s website, Dr. David Legerwood will direct the choir.

“It’s neat that it’s something state-wide,” said MCCA principal Craig Todd about the choir.

He said including music in the regular curriculum at the school gives a better balance to students’ lives.

Concerts are open to the public.