Board votes to drop appeal

YEAGERTOWN – The Mifflin County Regional Police Board of Directors voted to stop pursuing legal action against Armagh Township during a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday.

Board Chairman John McCullough said the vote came after an executive session discussion about the appeal. The board had sued Armagh Township over the township’s termination of police service from MCRPD in 2010.

“We moved to not pursue the legal appeal action against Armagh Township,” McCullough said. “We wanted the legal battle to be over, so we voted to end it now rather than take it any further.”

Previously, four of the six claims the MCRPD board brought forth in its original suit against the township were disallowed. MCRPD appealed the ruling in Commonwealth Court in an effort to have it overturned.

In October 2010, Armagh Township Solicitor Jeff Stover discovered a problem regarding documentation for MCRPD to provide police service for the township.

An ordinance was never passed by the Armagh Township Supervisors authorizing the intermunicipal agreement with MCRPD to provide law enforcement services, resulting in the township requesting MCRPD cease providing police service. The township has since re-established its own police department.

In other business:

Paula McConahy asked the board if she would be allowed to intern with MCRPD during the summer as part of her social worker degree from Walden University. The board approved this with the understanding that McConahy will keep the board informed with her official start date and obtain the appropriate paperwork.

Chief Scott Mauery read from a resolution which would give market value to the department’s pension plans starting in January. This was approved and adopted by the board.

The MCRPD Board of Directors regularly meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Mifflin County Regional Police building in Yeagertown.