Supervisors adopt tree ordinance

YEAGERTOWN – The Derry Township Board of Supervisors adopted a new tree ordinance at a meeting on Monday.

Solicitor Jeffrey Snook read off the new sections pertaining to the removal of trees from right-of-ways involving roads and private property.

“You as a board are not allowed to remove trees,” Snook said. “What happens now is that you give a notice to the property owner telling them they need to remove the trees.”

Snook continued to say if a tree is damaged and deemed a nuisance after a storm, then the township can send the roadmaster to remove the tree. If the tree is removed this way the board is still required to give notice to the property owner and have the wood, which is removed, given to the property owner. However, the new ordinance says this only applies to trees taller than six inches, and in cases where there is brush or smaller trees in the right-of-way the board can remove them without prior notice to the property owner.

The board also adopted an annual resolution from Standard Steel to allow the company to drive its non-registered vehicles on roads in the borough. It was adopted with Supervisor Donald Warntz II abstaining, because he is an employee of Standard Steel.

The board also voted, with a small change, to allow a 5K Glow Run from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Dec. 7 at Kish Park. The board approved the event, pending the run is changed to a walk due to the risks involved with running at night in the dark during the winter. Final approval for the event to be held at the park is now pending agreement from the event coordinator, who was not able to attend Monday’s meeting.

The board also received a notice from PennDOT saying a school bus stop sign on Vira Road was no longer in compliance with its regulations. A letter from PennDOT said if the township wants to keep a school bus stop sign at that location it needs to get new signs that meet the new regulations. The board voted to put the new signs up, which are more visible than the older signs and have an improved image of a school bus.

Also discussed at the meeting:

Approved an application from Habitat for Humanity to use Kish Park for an event in August 2014

Accepted an application from Shining Light Through the Darkness to use Kish Park for its annual event scheduled for Dec. 7 through Jan. 3.

Decided to give a $100 donation to Home Nursing Agency

Approved to sign the agreement with M.C. Planning Services to provide services in 2014

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors meets at 5:30 p.m. the first and second Monday of each month at the Derry Township Building.