Superior Court candidate speaks at annual banquet

McVEYTOWN – Vic Stabile, a candidate for judge on Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, was the keynote speaker Tuesday at the Mifflin County Republican Committee’s annual fall banquet held at Penn Valley Christian Retreat.

Stabile said his journey to a campaign for a seat on the Superior Court, has been a long and rewarding road.

“I started my professional career in the appellate courts,” Stabile said. “I understand that decisions at this level affect everyone across the state. That is one thing you need to know and that the judge elected needs to understand.”

Stabile also said he has been across the entire state talking to people and has said he is committed to protecting the rights of every citizen in Pennsylvania.

“I believe that equal protection should trump the geography of the person elected,” Stabile said. “The judiciary system should be fair, and I will be fair.”

Stabile, who resides in Cumberland County, said it has been many years since a candidate from central Pennsylvania held a position on the Superior Court. He also said he would not forget who put him in the position, saying he would constantly fight to serve the people fairly.

“I believe that all are entitled to ‘equal justice under law,'” Stabile said. “All people in the courts are entitled to respect and fair consideration of their cases, the individual before me matters.”

Stabile said he was recommended and is supported by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He was recommended based on his experience and his intellect, as well as his passion for the law and public service. Stabile has done many pro bono cases, which he said continues to prove that he cares about the individual.

Three candidates for local office had the opportunity to speak as well.

Barb Stringer, who is running for register and recorder; Deb Civitts, who running for treasurer; and Dave Barron, who is running for common pleas judge.

Stringer, running unopposed, said this is an exciting year for elections. She said because the larger cities are not having major elections, more rural counties have a better chance of making a difference in the election. Stringer said it is important to have freedoms, and that is why she keeps going in her position.

Civitts, who currently serves as the first deputy treasurer with 12 years experience in the office, said the big thing for her is that there continues to be experience in the treasurer’s office. Civitts said this will help to keep things running smoothly, without extra time spent training a new person.

Barron, who is currently the assistant district attorney, said he would bring new experience to the bench. Barron has worked a variety of cases, from traffic tickets to divorce cases. He said he would bring a strong work ethic to the bench and that he is the candidate for change.

The municipal election is Nov. 5.