Police: Couple involved in 2 DUI-related incidents Saturday

LEWISTOWN – A couple was arrested on two separate DUI-related incidents on Saturday, according to a report from the Lewistown Police Department.

Police said the first incident occurred at approximately 3:40 p.m., when it was reported Matthew and Jolene Folk, of Hillside Drive, Lewistown, were passed out in a Jeep Cherokee at the Lewistown Giant store on South Dorcas Street. According to the report, upon arrival, officers spoke to the couple and suspected, Matthew, who was the driver, to be intoxicated. Police said Matthew was placed under arrest and transported to the Lewistown Hospital Lab, where he submitted to a chemical test of his blood. The report indicates Matthew was later released into the custody of Jolene, pending the results of the chemical test.

Police said at approximately 6:48 p.m. the same day, they responded to a report of a crash on East Walnut Street near Spring Street, and upon arrival officers found Jolene Folk had crashed the Jeep Cherokee and Matthew Folk was her passenger. According to the report, Matthew was injured and was transported to Lewistown Hospital after being extracted from the vehicle. Police said Jolene was also transported to Lewistown Hospital to receive treatment for her injuries. According to the report, officers suspected Jolene to be under the influence of alcohol and requested she submit to a chemical test of her blood.

Police said during the investigation it was discovered the Folks had purchased alcohol from a local store just after Matthew was released from custody after the first incident, but prior to the crash.

Lewistown Police said they were assisted in the investigations by Fame EMS, Lewistown Fire Police, United Fire Company, Brooklyn Fire Company and City Hook and Ladder.