MCRPD board discusses computer system

YEAGERTOWN – The maintenance and backup of the new computer system at Mifflin County Regional Police Department was the topic of discussion on Thursday during the MCRPD regular board meeting.

MCRPD Chief Scott Mauery said a company called Link is has given prices on service plans from the computers.

“The quote they gave me for the maintenance of the computers was between $6,000 and $7,000,” Mauery said. “This includes them coming in once a year to prevent problems. We would still need to purchase the computer parts for their visits, but that is a nominal cost for today’s computers.”

Mauery said currently the department is paying for each visit and parts, which at its present rate costs about the same. He also said this quote did not include the backup plan, but Mauery is looking into prices for a combination backup and maintenance plan.

“Everything is still being backed up to a computer in my office,” Mauery said. “The service we are looking at is both HIPPA and bank secure.”

Mauery also said the records of the department would be stored on the Internet cloud and if a problem were to occur the department could work on the cloud for three days before maintenance will be required to happen.

Board Chairman John E. McCullough said before deciding anything, the board will need to look at the budget and decide what money it has to spend, after an adequate quote is provided on the plans together. Mauery said if they would like more information Link is willing to send someone to a board meeting to answer questions and describe the plans in more detail.

Also discussed were the August and September incident reports. Mauery said in August incidents were down from last year and that the department was still in the national average for clearance rates for both part one and part two offenses in the crime report. For the month of September incidents were up and the clearance reports for part one offenses were lower than average, but the reports for part two offenses were average.

MCRPD Board of Directors meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at its building in Yeagertown.