Federally-funded local agencies not yet feeling impact

LEWISTOWN – Local agencies that depend on federal grants to fund their services for the public have not yet felt the impact of the government shutdown that started Tuesday.

Mifflin County Commissioner Mark Sunderland said the Human Services Department and the Behavioral Services Department, as well as some other agencies utilize federal grants in

the county.

Mifflin County Human Services Director Allison Fisher said it was too soon to tell if the shutdown will impact the services her office provides. The department administers state and federal grant money to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program and the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, among several other programs throughout the county.

Fisher said if the shutdown lasts longer than a week or two, there could be some problems that eventually trickle down to the local level.

Mifflin County Behavioral Services Administrator Chris Wysocki said his agency depends solely on federal grant money which is funneled through the state, before it reaches Mifflin County.

“At this point (the government shutdown) is not impacting services, ” he said.

Wysocki said the government would have to be shutdown for several months before it would impact local services.

“I hope it doesn’t come to that,” he said.