Council discusses Veterans Memorial

BURNHAM – Discussion around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was the first topic of discussion at a regular meeting of the Burnham Borough Council on Monday.

Charles Dicken was there to discuss some discrepancies that have come into light between the veterans, working at the memorial, and Council Member William Benny. Dicken said Benny was more concerned about a group of people not getting recognized than the amount of work that was done in the care of the veterans. Noah Wise, road master for the borough, said the one group that was not recognized was just one of several that were not.

“Burnham employees did more than the original group,” Wise said. “We don’t want recognition. The monument was constructed to recognize the 17 lives given from Mifflin County.”

Dicken and Benny continued to discuss back and forth about the proper recognition and both finally stopped, thinking that some fault was done on both sides. Dicken also asked the council if they would approve the new black granite benches that were purchased.

“These benches would replace the old wooden benches there now,” Dicken said. “We will take the brass plaques off of them and have that information engraved on the new benches.”

The council approved the motion.

Robert Knepp asked the council if they would be able to reimburse the borough for the time their employees spent during the sewer project. Knepp said the borough would be reimbursed for the time, but not the employees since many of them were getting paid to be there as part of their job. The council decided to approve this idea based on the approval from Pennvest, the group lending the money for the project.

Solicitor Jeffrey Snook, brought before the council his findings on the negotiation of Comcast contracts for providing cable television service. Snook said the contracts ended in 2010 and the council has been skirting around them. The contracts would be the same as they were in 2010 and the council will be committed to them for 10 years. Snook said the borough could be offered a cash franchise grant, which would allow for more money to come back to them along with 5 percent of other fees. After some discussion council member Jeffrey Slank made a motion to keep the contracts the same as they were before, because there are not many other cable providers in the area. The motion was approved.

Also discussed at the meeting the council:

Said it is checking into health insurance for borough employees

Approved to allow Nittany Builders to replace front door and windows of the Burnham Borough Building

Approved the date for Trick-or-Treat, Oct. 31

Approved to purchase road salt for the winter

The Burnham Borough Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 21.