Borough releases winter plan

From staff reports

LEWISTOWN – The Borough of Lewistown has released a notice to all borough residents in regard to its winter snow plan.

The release said during a snow event, residents who have a driveway or garage should try to remove their vehicles from the street. This makes snow removal much easier.

The borough currently has four trucks capable of plowing snow and applying road salt, and one with just a plow. The release said one of truck attends to the hills and intersections on North Walnut and North Pine Streets before moving below Valley Street. The other truck starts at the East end of Market Market Street and works outward from Monument Square.

Another truck will be sent to the West end of town, according to the release. One truck would be sent to the east side of town and the fourth truck would be sent to the south side. The borough said once the streets are cleared, one truck would then begin plowing parking areas and the other trucks would plow alleys.

The release also warned residents to be cautious when driving on the streets and to allow plenty of stopping distance. Residents should be on the lookout for borough plow trucks and should not pass the trucks. The release said the employees driving the plow will try to not push the snow onto any sidewalks, but residents are reminded that no one is allowed to shovel, blow or plow any snow onto the streets, alley ways or parking lots. It is advised to wait until the plow is past the home before clearing any sidewalk or driveway.

The borough said when clearing a driveway be sure to pile the snow on the downward side of traffic flow to prevent the plow trucks from plowing snow across the opening of the driveway and place the snow at the curb or back in your yard if you have one.

For more information, contact Tony Grose, borough superintendent, at 248-4206.