Board reviews parking lot plan

YEAGERTOWN – A parking lot land development plan at the Lewistown Assembly of God Church was the topic of discussion Monday at the regular meeting of the Derry Township Board of Supervisors.

Bud Shank with Mid Penn Engineering said his company has already met with township engineer Alan Wrye and the planning commission about the project.

“They approved the plans at the meeting, providing that I would be able to make the changes,” Shank said. “After the meeting I made the necessary changes to the plan, which are now ready to be approved by you.”

The plans are to build a new parking lot where a grass lot is currently. The problem is that the current parking lot is not in compliance with the ordinances of being far enough from the road. Solicitor Jeffrey Snook, said if the plans do not prove that they are going to be in compliance with one of two different ordinance provisions, the plans will need to be changed again. Shank said he can prove that the plans will be within one of the two provisions and the plans were approved by the supervisors, with the understanding that Shank can provide the documents to show the accurate plan changes.

The supervisors also continued a discussion on hazardous trees that had begun at the last meeting. Snook said an amendment to Ordinance 2013-6 needs to be discussed to decide who needs to pay for the removal of the tree and what will happen to the wood, once it is cut down. The new ordinance change will allow be amended to state that if the township pays for the removal of the tree, the wood gets put on the lawn of the owner of the land from which the tree was cut. The full list of changes will be advertised later.

Road Master Joseph Fetzer, gave a report on the road projects and said the project at Circle Lane is almost done, leaf machines are being prepared for leaf collections starting at the end of the month and some patch work will happen throughout the month of October on various roads.

The supervisors said they are going to remove the doors from the building at the Hilltop playground. The hope is by removing the doors and removing the junk in the closet, this will deter people from trying to break in. It was discussed that security cameras be put in at the football field concession stand at Kish Park, after someone broke in there. This will be discussed in more detail in terms of a budget, after the cost is looked into.

In a follow up from the Sept. 16 meeting, Penelec Engineering has said it can put more street lights in problem areas at no cost to the township. The only condition is that the lights be put on existing poles and that a secondary line exists. The supervisors approved that this project will proceed, some areas will have to wait on more findings from Penelec.

Wayne Stottler, asked for the approval of a metal detecting license to be used at the pool. He said it was to try and recover various items that may have been lost at the pool. If any of the items have initials on them, Stottler said he is going to work hard to find the owner.

The supervisors also motioned to maintain the playgrounds in the township. This will include weekly inspections, and more discussion will occur after other actions and decisions are made. The supervisors will look into the motion further before enacting any policies on the playgrounds.

Also approved at the meeting:

Park use application for the Crop Walk on Oct. 20

It was decided that benefits for part-time employees will happen at a later date.

The Derry Township Supervisors meet at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month at the township building in Yeagertown.