Autopsy results released

MIFFLINTOWN – The autopsy results have been released for a man who passed away on July 3, nearly three years after he sustained serious injuries during a shootout with police.

Juniata County District Attorney Cory Snook said the cause of death for 32-year-old Brian C. Janson was a seizure due to a gun shot wound to the head.

Snook said Janson had been taking medication for seizures, along with several other medications. The toxicology results showed no elevated levels of prescription medication in his blood and no evidence of alcohol consumption.

“It’s just a sad end to a tragic situation,” Snook said.

Police opened fire on Janson on Aug. 17, 2010 at a residence along Cuba Mills Lane, after he allegedly pointed a gun at officers following a lengthy manhunt to track him down to answer questions about an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend that allegedly occurred several hours prior to the shooting, police said. Janson was also alleged to have stolen two trucks following the dispute, according to court documents.

As the Pennsylvania State Police approached the passenger’s side of the car, Janson was ordered to drop his weapon and show his hands, police said. Janson reportedly ignored those commands and exited the vehicle on the driver’s side and then brought the weapon to his shoulder and aimed it at police, who then fired at Janson, according to court documents.

Janson sustained several serious injuries from the shooting, including a gunshot wound to the head which destroyed one of his eye sockets.

The shooting was ruled justified by Snook in December 2010, following a four-month investigation. Janson spent several months at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center recuperating from the wounds he sustained during the incident.

Janson was represented by Brian Ulmer who filed a petition with the court in 2012 to have his client deemed incompetent to stand trial based on a psychological evaluation performed by Dr. Richard E. Dowell Jr.

In the petition Ulmer submitted to the court it states Janson “does not have the ability to consult rationally with an attorney to aid in his defense” and “does not posess the ability to have a rational and factual understanding of the charges.”

The petition further states that “Dr. Dowell believes (Janson’s) condition is permanent.”

Snook had been granted a request to have another independent psychological evaluation done on Janson.

At a preliminary hearing in August 2011, Janson had to be helped into the courtroom by family members because he had difficulty moving around and it appeared he also had trouble speaking.

Janson had been charged with several serious offenses, including several counts of attempted homicide of a law enforcement official and other related charges, all of which were withdrawn after Janson’s death.