23rd annual Reformation Recital set for Oct. 27

From staff reports

LEWISTOWN – The 23rd annual Reformation Recital will be held at 3 p.m. Oct. 27 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, in Lewistown.

The recital celebrates the Protestant Reformation and pays tribute to Martin Luther. During the program, Nathan Loudenslager, who attends the church, will portray Luther’s defining act that kicked off the reformation in 1517.

Luther nailed 95 theses on the door of Castle Church, in Germany, in protest of the Roman Caholic Church’s sale of indulgences.

Resistance to Luther’s act sparked the reformation that led to the birth of the Protestant church, said Scott Price, publicity chairman.

The recital also will highlight musical talent from around the Juniata Valley.

John Carpenter, a senior at Penn State University, will play baritone. Patty Loundenslager, the director of music at St. John’s, said Carpenter is a seasoned performer. This summer, he sang with the Cincinnati Opera Chorus. He also has been studying voice for several years and has participated in past Messiah performances and other various concerts in Lewistown.

Other featured musicians include piano by Joan Loewen, piano and piano/organ duets by Nellie Wilson, Lynn Phillips and Terri Limes with Patty Loudenslager, guitar/vocal by Mike Bratt and Rich Burns, a flute duet by Penni Abram and Jerry Stone, handbells and flute by Peter Marsh and Jerry Stone, harp and cello by Emily and Travis Theil, bass guitar by Casey Damicantonio and the St. John’s Brass Quartet, featuring Josie Baughman and Tracy Loucks on trumpet, Nancy Machmer on French Horn and Terri Limes on the euphonium.

Vocalists will include: the Celeste Choir, featuring Kylee and Reese Cubbison, Nevin Farley, Ava Kelly, Mina Phillips, Evan and Noah Shepherd, Karen and Korey Treaster and Lilian and Selena Ulsh; and St. John’s Youth Praise and Worship Band, featuring Sarah Farley, Lydia Hidlay, Briah Kling, Katie LaMarca, Kaitlyn Treaster, and Alicia and Malarie Yoder.

The recital also will feature In Joy, an a capella group from First United Methodist Church in Lewistown. Vocalists include Pauli Belfiore, Bruce and Laura Buffington, Rich Burns, Cassie Campbell, Gayle Case, Chris Ferencz, Beth Knepp and Candy Zimmerman.