Supervisors give Derry Heights update

LEWISTOWN – The Derry Township Supervisors held a special meeting on Tuesday to provide an update on the Derry Heights development project.

The supervisors called the meeting to discuss an addition to the original developers agreement for the project, which broke ground in 2009.

Supervisor Chairman John McCullough said, “This month they need to have the concrete poured for the footer and foundation of the hotel.”

The supervisors said it has to happen by the end of this month or the project could lose the agreement that the developer has with a hotel chain.

They also said that there are other permit requirements that normally would take precedent over the foundation, but due to the contract with the hotel chain those requirements are being put on the back burner. Ronald E. Napikoski Jr. motioned for the approval to the addition, while Donald R. Warntz II seconded the motion.

Jeffery L. Snook said, “The updated zoning permit, is specific to the foundation and does not discuss the sewer that also needs to be done.”

Snook also said that the NPDES permit should be renewed and reexamined by the conservation district. Again Napikoski motioned to send the permit to the conservation district and Warntz seconded.

McCullough said, “We are trying to be appropriate and quick about this, since it does have to be in such a short amount of time.”

This was an update about the first phase of the project, which began in 2009, regarding the requirement that the foundation be poured by the end of the month.

Also planned in the first phase of the project are a restaurant and a 10-screen multiplex digital theater facility.

The start of the second phase – and even whether it will take place – is still to be determined. Phase two was to included another hotel, a water park and an indoor sports facility.

McCullough hopes that they can start building up in the fall.