Scouts to help with park project

YEAGERTOWN – The status of the ash tree’s in Kish Park was the main topic of discussion at the Derry Township Supervisors meeting on Monday.

Members of Cub Scout Pack #2 attended the meeting to offer their help with the ongoing tree replacement project at the park.

“We are in the process of inventorying what trees we have left and their condition, with the help of students at Penn State University,” Supervisor Chairman John McCullough said. “Where you (the scouts) can help is in the spring when we plant the trees and need to water them.”

McCullough continued to say that the township is going to use a device called a gator boot to help water the trees, which is supposed to help increase their life-span.

“We have been told that the first two years of a tree’s life are the most critical, which is why we are going to be proactive in watering the new trees once they are planted,” he said.

The board also made a point to tell the scouts in attendance that there will be a variety of trees planted to help prevent this, the ash borer infestation, from happening on a large scale again. The scouts said they were satisfied with the results of the discussion and they look forward to taking positive steps next year.

Board member Ronald E. Napikoski Jr. said there are other benefits to the scouts involvement with the project.

“This could also be a great educational opportunity for both the Boy and Girl Scout groups in the area. As the trees mature there will be opportunities to identify them,” Napikoski said.

Also discussed were the requests for street lights in some areas of Yeagertown and Pleasant Hills, which was old business from the previous meeting. It was discussed that trees have overgrown some of the lights making it difficult to see and those who pay the extra tax to have the light would like this addressed. Township Secretary Kelly Shutes said a Penelec engineer explored the situation but has yet to come back with a cost for new lights or to fix the problem.

Also discussed was an issue of trees growing in the right-of-ways on or near roads. The issue previously was brought up by concerned residents because some of these trees are obstructing the view of motorists and becoming a hazard. The board agreed that the land owners are responsible to take care of the trees and if not, the board could decide to have them removed at the property owner’s expense.

In other business, the board:

Discussed a zoning change for Blossom Hill Development

Discussed putting signs that say “Watch Children” or “Slow” along Indian Lane behind Pike Brothers, as a possible alternative to posting a speed limit sign.

Approved Oct. 31 as the date for Trick-or-Treat activities within the township

Accepted Health Care quotes

Approved a Park Use Application for 2014 filed by Habitat for Humanity

Adopted new Safety Management Assessment Recommendations

Released the leaf collection schedule for fall 2013

Approved to add the building that houses the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs to the snow removal list and to bill them appropriately

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month at the municipal building in Yeagertown.