Reaching new heights

LEWISTOWN – Local high school students had a mountain to climb on Thursday before the final bell chimed.

Under an overcast sky and supervision from U.S. Army recruitment specialists, classes of Mifflin County High School students pushed and pulled their way to the top of a rock wall set up in the parking lot of the former Highland Park Area Elementary School.

MCHS physical education teacher Glenn Kyle said the exercise is good for all body types. The portable rock wall is adjusted through a hydrolics system and can be modified for varying levels of difficulty, he said.

All gym classes at the school were scheduled to climb the wall Thursday and Friday.

The rock wall is an activity offered through The U.S. Army Recruiting Office in Selinsgrove. Kyle said MCHS faculty try to bring the wall back annually, which usually means reserving it several months in advance. Staff Sgt. Andrew Pearce said recruiting specialists travel to 16 high schools and two colleges each year.

The wall promotes physical activity and also serves as a recruitment tool for the Army, Pearce said.