Spikes see purple

STATE COLLEGE – Although the colors of the State College Spikes are red, blue and white, Medlar Field at Lubrano Park was a sea of purple, black and silver Saturday night.

It was Mifflin-Juniata County Night at the ball park and a host of fans made the trip over the Seven Mountains to Centre County for the celebration and a ball game between the Spikes and the Auburn Doubledays.

The Mifflin County cheerleaders performed before the game and several of the young ladies participated in some of the in-game activities.

Participating in the ceremonial first pitches prior to the start of the game were Sentinel photographer Brad Kreitzer and Mifflin County High School Principal Mark Crosson.

“The cheerleaders are going to be performing and we are very happy to be here,” Crosson said before the game. “It has been excellent working with the kids and we have a good following here tonight We had a great opening (for the new school year) and we are very excited about it.”

As for Kreitzer, he was just glad to be a part of the ceremonies and shoot some photos. The Selinsgrove-area native said he’s right at home in his work area.

“I like the (Mifflin-Juniata) area a lot because you have the town feel, but you also have the surrounding farm area,” Kreitzer said. “I grew up down in Snyder county and we had a lot of farms down there as well so it feels like I never moved away from the area where I grew up.”

When asked what his favorite thing is to shoot, Kreitzer never hesitated with his answer.

“I like to go to the carnivals, festivals and the fairs – you know the fun stuff,” he said. “I also really enjoy shooting the sports, but I also enjoy just working with the children and the people in the community, you know, taking the fun photos.”

Former Sentinel photographer Jim Ream also was part of the festivities Saturday, but as a sponsor on the Lubrano Park concourse.

Ream said he loves the relationships he has with the people in the area.

“It is a very close-knit community and I enjoy the relationships,” Ream said. “The people help each other out a lot and I really like the camaraderie among the people. Going to the different events in Mifflin County is special.”

No longer in the photography business, Ream now owns his own sporting goods shop.

As for a favorite memory of his days at The Sentinel, Ream’s answer was what you might have expected: sports.

“I am a big sports fan and when I was at The Sentinel I really enjoyed taking pictures of the sporting events,” he said. “I like the action shots and my favorite was football. I love going to baseball and football games and for me, it was a lot of fun.”