Change in homeroom, bus lists publication

To our readers:

An unfortunate set of circumstances has arisen that will necessitate a change in how The Sentinel publishes homeroom listings for the coming school year.

As most readers are aware, schools within the Mifflin County School District will resume classes on Thursday, Aug. 22. Our original plan was to publish a combined homeroom list for all of our area school districts as we have in previous years, and to include it in The Sentinel on Tuesday, Aug. 13. That is not going to happen this year.

On July 31, a representative of the Mifflin County School District informed us that they would not be able to provide us with completed homeroom listings until the week of Aug. 12. Additionally, some of the other school districts within our readership area expressed concern about their ability to have their lists ready in time to be published before Aug. 22, since their classes don’t begin until a week or two later.

It became increasingly clear to us this past week that our production schedule for the daily newspaper and the other publications we will produce this month would not give us the ability to print a combined homeroom listing section any later than Aug. 13, and to do that successfully and accurately we needed to have all of the homeroom information in our hands at a much earlier date. In all fairness, this fact was not fully explained to our area schools until the latter half of this week.

Based on this development, we unfortunately will not be able to publish a Mifflin County homeroom list this year. However, they will be made available by the school district on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 3 p.m. on each school building’s front doors. Homeroom and bus assignments will be made available on the web via Family Access at this same date and time.

As far as the rest of our area school districts, we are hoping they will be able to provide us with their listings very soon and that we will be able to include them as smaller sections within our Saturday editions over the next few weeks. We will make every effort to give advance notice of publication to our readers in upcoming editions of The Sentinel.

Frank Jost

Managing editor