Behavioral Services budget not expected to change

LEWISTOWN – Five weeks into the 2013-14 fiscal year finds the Juniata Valley Behavioral and Development Services agency looking at similar budget numbers as last year, according to the agency’s administrator.

Chris Wysocki was on hand at Thursday’s workshop meeting of the Mifflin County Commissioners to present a quarterly update on the department’s services to date.

“For fiscal year 2013-14 we haven’t received our allocation letter yet,” Wysocki said. “We’re anticipating getting the same allocation as last year. Federal considerations may be a little bit decreased but we feel that would have minimum import.”

Wysocki said the department recently received its final allocation for fiscal year 2012-13 for early intervention services.

“We now have the funds available to pay the rest of our bills from last year,” he said.

Following the budget discussion, Wysocki reported on the number of clients the department is serving in Mifflin County. Currently, services are being provided to 10 individuals with intellectual disabilities, 78 living in group homes, and 126 individuals who are still living at home. Wysocki said a total of 454 individuals are currently receiving mental health services. There are 61 early intervention (age 0 to 3) clients, he said.

Following Wysocki’s presentation, Commissioner Otis Riden announced the following agenda items to be considered at the commissioners’ Aug. 15 business meeting:

A resolution declaring it is desirable for the health, safety and welfare of the people of Mifflin County for the Geisinger Health System to undertake a project involving the issuance of health system revenue bonds to undertake other projects involving Geisinger Health System Foundation and its affiliates. No project specifics were announced at the meeting.

A resolution approving a plan of finance for the above-mentioned Geisinger projects.

Purchase of service agreements for use, if needed, by Children & Youth, with Pyramid Health Care Inc., Duncansville; Family Care for Children and Youth Inc., Milton; and David G. Ray, M.Ed., Lewistown.

An agreement with Juniata Valley Bank to increase the aggregate Automated Clearing House Network credit limit.

A public hearing Aug. 15 to discuss Mifflin County’s 2013 CDBG allocation, which was recently decreased by $12,783.

A request to begin a previously approved paving and storm water project at two locations in Armagh Township.

The resignation of Charlie Vogt as a caseworker in the Children & Youth department effective Aug. 30.