Corporate members approve document

LEWISTOWN – Lewistown Hospital’s Corporate Members voted Wednesday evening to approve the Comprehensive Integration and Merger Agreement with Geisinger Health System. The 373 members voted 17 opposed and 216 in favor of the merger, said Lewistown Hospital President and CEO Kay Hamilton.

“I did expect to have some people oppose the merger, but I’m pleased to see it was as minimal as it was,” Hamilton said. “I’m very happy to have the support of the board and corporate members as we move forward. It speaks volumes for what the hospital can achieve.”

The Geisinger Board of Directors is scheduled to vote on the integration and merger this afternoon. If approved, finalization of the merger rests on regulatory approval by the state Attorney General’s Office, Pennsylvania Department of Health and federal regulators.

The merger is expected to be finalized within the next three months, said Frank Trembulak, Geisinger executive vice president.

“We look to legally sign all documents and close on Sept. 30,” Trembulak said. “If we stay on that path, Lewistown becomes part of the Geisinger system effective Oct. 1.”

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