Sheetz to build in Burnham, Reedsville

LEWISTOWN – New Sheetz convenience stores are going to be built in Burnham and Reedsville, a company official told members of the Lewistown Rotary Club on Tuesday.

Joe Sheetz, executive vice president of finance and real estate for Sheetz Inc., confirmed the company’s plans to build two more stores in Mifflin County while speaking at the club’s weekly meeting.

“We bought the sites and we wouldn’t buy them if we weren’t going to go there,” Sheetz said. “We definitely have those two projects on the docket.”

The delay at the Burnham construction site has been caused by bad timing since the company purchased the land in 2008, Sheetz said.

Originally, the Sheetz company made a deal with a bank, already on the land, to tear down the building and create a large structure that both businesses could share, Sheetz said. However, months after the deal was signed, the bank was sold and the new owners refused to go through with the plan, he said.

The design team was forced to start over, altering the plan to fit the building into a smaller space next to the bank, Sheetz said. But the plan was once again delayed when the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation refused to issue building permits until local road construction was complete.

When the construction was finally finished, Sheetz Inc. approached the bank with a new design, however, due to a new board of directors, the bank evaluation had to start over, Sheetz said.

“As we stand right now, the bank is going to work through the deal within the next couple of weeks so we can get them to sign the permit with us,” Sheetz said. “Hopefully, we can start construction within the next year.”

The only positive thing about the delay in the Burnham construction was the discovery of the Reedsville site, Sheetz said.

“Once you’re in town so long and you watch the traffic, you get drawn to places you might not have naturally gone,” Sheetz said. “We drove past the Burnham location so many times that we ended up purchasing a site in Reedsville.”

Construction in Reedsville is scheduled to begin once a current traffic study, determining the need for a stop light, is complete, Sheetz said. It’s possible that the Reedsville location will be complete before the Burnham location, he added.

Sheetz Inc. operates stores in Lewistown and Mifflintown, as well as in 429 other locations in six states.