Secretary lauds MJAAA

LEWISTOWN – Pennsylvania Secretary of Aging Brian Duke recognized the Mifflin Juniata Area Agency on Aging and Regional Services during the organization’s open house on Tuesday.

Duke awarded a proclamation certificate to Kathie Graham, Regional Services’ executive director, for the agency’s dedicated service to the residents of Lewistown and the surrounding areas.

“What you do each and every day, I know, isn’t easy,” Duke said. “What you do each and every day has had some changes lately and maybe some challenges. But we think we’re on the right road … and that wouldn’t be possible without your hard work.”

The continuing local efforts of the MJAAA and Regional Services enforces the Department of Aging’s four main goals, Duke said. To make sure people have access to care, residents practice healthy behavior, communities are places to age and live well and resources are used in the best way possible, he said.

“Certainly, what we are seeing today at this open house is proof of resources being used in the best way possible,” Duke said. “To make sure we have a place where we can come together as a team to meet the needs of those who we serve. None of us will have success meeting the needs of an ever growing population of older persons if we don’t come together …”

The MJAAA and Regional Services moved to the new location at 249 W. Third St., Lewistown, in December, Graham said. The place is starting to feel like home, she added.

“I really want to thank all the people who were with us on this journey,” Graham said. “It wasn’t an easy decision. We had people who supported the move and some who had reservations, but when push came to shove, everyone worked together.”

The Third Street location now houses the Area Agency on Aging, Adult Day Care, MJ Food Service and the Call-A-Ride Service.

For more information on Mifflin-Juniata Regional Services and Area Agency on Aging, call 242-0315 or email The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.