New massage practice opens in Lewistown

LEWISTOWN – Michael Whitehead is bringing a higher level of physical wellness to Lewistown at the Centre Somatic Massage Therapy and Wellness Center.

Clients can utilize a variety of massage therapies as well as infrared and red light therapy treatments at Whiteheads new practice, located at 100A Stine Drive in Lewistown.

“I moved my practice to Lewistown because I wanted to offer more services to a larger public,” Whitehead said. “I want it to be a wellness center where people can access a number of healing treatments.”

Whitehead has been a certified massage therapist for 13 years, previously working as a mobile massage therapist in Centre County and then renting space at a chiropractic clinic in Belleville. After running out of room for his growing client base, he decided to open his own place in Lewistown.

“There are a lot of massage places in the area, but we all specialize in different things,” Whitehead said. “While I do offer the regular stress-reducing massage, my specialty is in medical massage with a focus on healing after surgery or injury.”

The massage process helps the body to heal by introducing fresh nutrients, blood and oxygen, to the affected area, Whitehead said. These health benefits are becoming more well known and doctors have even begun referring patients, he said.

“Each session is designed based on the clients needs,” Whitehead said. “When someone comes in for the first time, they fill out a health history sheet and we discuss what theyre hoping to get from massage. If there has been a surgery or injury we discuss it.”

Massages range in half hour increments, starting at $30 for 30 minutes and $50 for a full hour. Any session less than 30 minutes is charged $1 per minute.

Whitehead also offers infrared and red light therapy treatment, designed to trigger healing at the cellular level. The treatment, taking no more than 10 to 15 minutes, also provides a level of photorejuvenation, removing wrinkles from the specific area, he said.

“This therapy is relatively new and not offered at any other local practice,” Whitehead said. “Appointments can be made through doctor referral or personal appointment, however, most insurance doesnt cover the treatment.”

The cost for light therapy is determined based on the length of treatment, at $1-per-minute increments.

For more information about Centre Somatic Massage Therapy and Wellness Center or to make an appointment, contact Micheal Whitehead at 348-7170. Details are also available online at the Centre Somatic Facebook page.