Chief: Incidents reported are up from March 2012

YEAGERTOWN – Chief Scott Mauery reported Thursday at the Mifflin County Regional Police Department’s brief monthly meeting that during the month of March the number of incidents reported increased by 113 from March 2012.

Mauery said the total incidents reported in March 2013 totaled 428 compared to March last year where 315 were reported.

Mauery reported criminal arrests decreased from 41, in March 2012, to 29, in March 2013, which is a 29 percent decrease.

In other business of the board:

The board approved a motion to approve the March monthly activity reports.

The board approved a motion to approve the March financial reports.

The board approved the minutes from its March 14 regular meeting.

Mifflin County Regional Police Department Board of Directors’ monthly meeting is held at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month, at its office in Yeagertown.