Verdict split in Reynolds jury trial

MIFFLINTOWN – A jury reached a split verdict after two hours of deliberation in the case of a Port Royal man facing over 30 felony charges.

George Reynolds was acquitted of Aggravated Indecent Assault and Indecent Assault charges pertaining to two alleged victims, a now-14-year-old female and a now-13-year-old male. On Tuesday morning Judge Kenneth A. Mummah dismissed a number of charges, mostly affiliated with a third alleged victim, a now 7-year-old male who froze on the witness stand Monday.

Reynolds was convicted on 25 of the 32 possession of child pornography charges filed against him.

Juniata County District Attorney Cory Snook moved to immediately revoke Reynolds’ bail, in light of the conviction of the felony child pornography charges. Reynolds was taken into custody by Juniata County Sheriffs Deputies and placed in the Mifflin County Correctional Facility in lieu of $10,000 bail. A sentencing date is expected to take place in June.

During closing arguments, defense attorney Ralph Germak chipped away at the Commonwealth’s case, asserting there was insufficient evidence to convict his client.

Snook asked the jury to use their common sense when deliberating.

“The defense would have you believe they (the alleged victims) fabricated these things, to what end, for what purpose?” Snook asked. “What did the (victims) have to gain in telling what they went through?”

Throughout Tuesday’s proceedings the defense called six character witnesses, all of whom testified the defendant is a truthful person with a good reputation in the community.

Reynolds also testified and firmly denied the allegations against him. He said one of the alleged victims “was a natural liar.”

That particular victim’s adoptive father, Paul Haines, later took the stand as a rebuttal witness to Reynolds. Haines testified his adopted son was a typical boy and was not the natural liar Reynolds claimed. However, Haines’ testimony and that of others was not enough to sway the jury when it came to the indecent assault charges.