Locals seek to organize council

LEWISTOWN – On Monday, local women met in the community room of the Mifflin County Library to discuss the potential formation of a local council of the Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women.

The meeting, organized by Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots member Lisa Nancollas, arranged for a director of the PA Federation of Republican Women, Irene C. Harris, to speak to local residents on the importance of women in political involvement.

The organization was founded in 1923 and has served as a network for Republican women that adhere to the party’s principles and encourages women to assist in campaign management, candidate advisement and expansion of the GOP’s philosophical attributes.

According to the organization’s website, their mission statement is to “support and strengthen the Republican Party as well as to advance women in political knowledge and political activity through networking with Republican Party leaders at the local, county, state and national level.” The motto of the group is summed up what the group refers to as the five Ws: “When Women Work We Win.”

In addition to campaign management support, the organization provides a series of services that range from issuing care packages, letters and Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards to American soldiers serving abroad, to charitable fundraisers and education and literacy.

A minimum of 10 members is required to form a local council and officials would be nominated shortly after the group is approved. It is uncertain at the moment if Mifflin County will in fact start its own council. The ability for the county to start its own council will depend on the public’s interest.

Anyone interested in the joining organization can contact Nancollas at 437-1327.