Two new charges filed in homicide

MIDDLEBURG – A Snyder County woman is facing two additional charges related to the Sunday slaying of a 71-year-old Middleburg woman who was her husband’s grandmother, Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch reports.

Piecuch posted on the Snyder County District Attorney’s office Facebook page that Jennifer Snook is facing charges of second degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder related to the stabbing death of Bonnie Jean Snook.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Pennsylvania State Police Selinsgrove, Joshua and Jennifer Snook were with a friend at a Northumberland bar when a fight broke out between Joshua Snook and the friend. Police said Joshua and Jennifer Snook drove to the residence of Bonnie and Dale Snook with the intent to get a gun and get back at the friend.

Joshua Snook went into the residence and took a Ruger P85 9mm handgun, police reported. According to the report, a struggle ensued between Joshua Snook and his grandparents during which Bonnie and Dale Snook were each stabbed.

Piecuch posted Tuesday that preliminary autopsy results indicated that Bonnie Jean Snook died from a stab wound to her neck. Dale Snook was stabbed in the arm, police said.

Jennifer Snook waited in the vehicle in a cemetery adjacent to the alleged victim’s home for Joshua Snook to return, according to the affidavit.

Police said once Joshua Snook returned to the vehicle, they were stopped by police about one mile from the residence and the gun was found in the vehicle.

In addition to the two new charges, Jennifer Snook is charged with possession of a weapon, receiving stolen property, burglary and other related charges. Joshua Snook is being detained on a state parole violation and has yet to be charged.