Myers hopes to earn Dems’ nomination

LEWISTOWN – Max Jay Myers isn’t wasting any time and has already begun campaigning for the 2014 Pennsylvania Governor’s race.

Myers is a minister and small business owner who lives in Mechanicsburg and Friday he spent the day touring the Juniata Valley, before stopping by The Sentinel in the afternoon. Myers is also a U.S. Army veteran and served in the National Guard.

Myers is running on the Democratic ticket and his primary focus as he campaigns will be dealing with the issue of poverty, public schools and jobs.

“1.7 million at or below poverty in Pennsylvania,” Myers said.

Myers explained there is both a humantarian side in addressing the issue of poverty, as well as an economic side.

Myers remains convinced one of the ways in which to combat poverty is to create a “world class public school education” system in Pennsylvania.

Myers said the debate about education needs to shift from the cost, to why the drop out rate for high school students remains so high.

“We have some significant issues in public schools and we are not dealing with them,” Myers said.

Myers believes he can provide the necessary leadership required to begin to address some of these problems Pennsylvania faces.

In addition, Myers will be focused on bringing jobs to Pennsylvania, specifically manufacturing.

“It’s no brainer connection between getting people out of poverty and having jobs for them. We need to get manufacturing back in Pennsylvania,” Myers said.

“If you buy into the philosophy that manufacturing will never come back, what you are really saying is certain percent of the population will always be unemployed and we will continue to subsidize a portion of the population,” Myers said.

Myers said that ultimately, his campaign isn’t about him, it’s about encouraging people to come together to accomplish these complicated issues. Myers said he simply wants to play a strong leadership role, whereby the people direct him what issues need to be dealt with, not politicians.

Myers lives with his wife in Mechanicsburg. He has two grown children and five grandchildren.

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