Rep. Marino responds to gun control issue

Rep. Tom Marino, R-Williamsport, representing the 10th Congressional District, has released the following statement regarding President Obama’s gun control proposal:

“As a strong advocate of Second Amendment rights, I do not support the implementation of additional regulations on firearms at the expense of law-abiding citizens. The President’s most recent proposal will do little to curb future acts of violence and will do nothing to target the fundamental issues at hand, including addressing school security, mental health, and the extreme pervasiveness of violence in our society’s culture and media.

“Connecticut gun laws, for example, are some of the most aggressive and restrictive in the nation, but that still did not prevent an individual from illegally obtaining firearms from a lawful owner. I will continue to work with my colleagues as we search for solutions that will prevent these tragedies in the future, but I will not stand by as this Administration attempts to infringe upon the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of lawful gun owners.”